Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Honeymoon's Over

Connor and Cooper (in the middle) listening to coach Nelson provide tennis instruction.

Connor and Cooper ran their first track meet tonight.
Here Connor prepares for the start.

Connor zooming around the track during the 200 meter race. He was SO proud that he finished 7th (out of 8)! I was proud of him too.

Cooper competes in the youngest age division of the 200 m race.Cooper (2nd from left) finished second. He kept running past the finish line. We had to tell him to stop. I'm hoping to channel that energy! He definitely runs me in circles.

This morning was the first time I laid eyes on my kids in six days. I plucked Cooper and Collin from their beds, and plopped them into mine. We snuggled for as long as they allowed. I gazed into their cherub faces and never wanted to let go. The rest of the morning was heavenly. They all seemed bigger, cuter, and basically more fantastic. All the little things that annoyed me but a week ago, seemed rather cute. I delighted in refilling sippy cups. I rejoiced in preparing meals. I adored hearing their little voices (even in the midst of an argument).

I remember talking to my friend, Ali, around noon. I recounted my pleasant morning, and I could tell by the tone in her voice that she suspected I may be in a honeymoon period with the kids. Of course, she was right.

As the day rolled by swimmingly, I decided to tackle the grocery store with my four "angels." As we progressed through the store, my rosy disposition began to fade. Keeping the boys together and with the cart was about as easy as herding cats (to use an expression from my husband).

By the time we landed at the check out counter, my countenance had soured.

I began to imagine those California mountains again. I pictured myself (just days ago) lounging on the side of the pool, encircled by those majestic, grandeur, peaceful mountains.

Suddenly, those mountains seemed even further away.


Quick story: As I was wandering around the grocery store, a gentleman approached my crew. He seemed the sort of individual with lots to say, but with no cerebral hinderance to his comments. After a few exchanges, he glanced at my brood of boys and said, "Are you Catholic or something?"

I responded, "No."

As I walked away, I mumbled, "I suppose I'm just crazy."

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  1. Welcome Home! Back to reality!
    So glad you and Chris had a great trip! :)