Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Like Riding a Bike

Cooper claimed he was ready. He assured us training wheels were no longer necessary for such an accomplished cyclist. He begged us to help him make the proper bike modifications that would push him into official big boy status. Tonight, the wheels were shed and Cooper's first bike riding lesson commenced.

Cooper beamed as he rushed towards the bike. He wore a roomy helmet that slid down over his eyes, but still exposed his signature smile. He mounted the bike and then clutched the handle bars. Then, he gazed up at me for instructions.

You think I'd be an expert as I've have taught two other kids to ride a bike. But, suddenly I was at a loss as to exactly what to do.

You see you want your hands.....(hmmm)

Make sure you pedal like.....(what was that again?)

Focus on....(I really don't know)

I went on, "Forget formal instructions, let's just try."

Try we did. He'd position himself on the bike. I'd grasp the seat and run along side the wheels. Within seconds, I'd release my hold and watch him.....

hit a tree,
run into a mailbox,
fall, get the point.

To give Cooper credit, with each fall he got back up (still smiling) and tried it again.

After the end of our mini-lesson, Cooper exclaimed, "I think there's something wrong with my bike."

I laughed and responded, "It's not the bike. It just takes practice."

That's the hard part, isn't it?

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