Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning to Race

The last day of swim classes for this session.
All three boys proudly clutched their swim certificates.

Cooper seemed the most proud, and insisted I take an individual photo of him.

Connor and Brock Maxwell enjoyed a play date. Connor introduced him to the latest Wood boy obsession: water mixed with chalk.

Caleb participated in his first track meet. I was very proud of him!

Caleb (third from the right) in full sprint.

Cooper zoomed along in his heat. He finished second, and (again) kept running.

Tonight, all three older boys participated in the 100 meter race at the All Comers track meet. Connor and Cooper had one race under the belt, and returned to compete again. Surprisingly, Caleb agreed to run in his first race!

I walked the boys to the starting line. As the unofficial coach of the Wood boys' team, I provided instruction to my runners. I told the boys, "Try your best. Don't stop. Run to the finish line." Of course, I hoped my words transcended the track, and this mantra would apply to many other areas of their lives.

I watched each boy run hard and cross the finish line. Although no Wood boy officially won a race, they were all winners to me.

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