Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Minor Mommy Victories

Cooper, ready to swim!
Cooper and neighbor Ozzy go for a joy ride.

Our mortgage broker called this afternoon. He needed my help in our refinancing process. The "help" required me making three (not so short) phone calls by the end of the day.

As he submitted his request, I thought about how pleased I had been just to sweep out the garage today. I treated my minor burst of productivity as if I added a second floor to our home. Now, this guy wants me to make three lengthy calls with my four kids in tow, dangerously close to the witching hour. I felt like squeezing my hands through the telephone wires and shaking some sense into this man.

He chirped, "I know you're busy and all, but we really need it today."

At that moment, I was glad our conversation wasn't transmitted via skype. While gritting my teeth and balling my fists, I attempted to pour back the sweet.

I replied, "Sure, I'll try."

The next hour was spent unearthing important documents, listening to automated telephone prompts, and searching high and low for pin numbers. The whole time, I was juggling important financial calls between slip n slides, carpools, and sibling squabbles.

When all my work was completed, I called back the broker and recounted my progress.

"Thanks," he said mildly.

Just thanks?

No applause?

No kissing of the feet?

No pats on the back?


In mom terms, my second round of productivity was as if I finished the basement too. I congratulated myself and smiled while I devoured a celebratory cookie.

My kind of celebration!

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