Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Third Grader

A boy's best friend: waterguns!

My new third grader! (He selected his special lizard shirt to wear on the last day of school!)

The boys and their friends enjoyed some water play.

Another slip n slide day!

Today, Caleb bid farewell to second grade, and claimed his new status as a third grader.

At the end of the day, I walked into school to retrieve him from class. I was feeling cheerful, smiling and exchanging pleasantries with other parents. Then, I saw her. She was clutching her young daughter's hands while exiting the school. She wore sunglasses, but tears were tumbling down from under the lenses, streaming down her cheeks.

I took in the whole pathetic sight, and lost it. We shared an unspoken sentiment, "Where did the time go? Please make it stop." The end of the year brings up these emotions in me. It's the realization I have children that have officially become older. All those days I wished the time flew faster, came true. What was I thinking?

When I finally talked to Caleb, I pulled myself together. I touted all the amazing things about being a third grader. He sat glued to a book, rarely interjecting any comments. Pretty soon, I realized the pep talk was really for me.

I'm imagining third grade will be amazing, and I'll attempt to savor every last moment.

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