Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Passing the Running Baton to Connor

Caleb posing on his second day of swim lessons.

Connor and I went to play tennis at the middle school. As we were chasing balls, I eyed the running track inches away from our court. The wheels started to turn in my head.

I said, "Connor, want to run a lap....for a quarter." (Did I mention my kids can be bought?)

In kid terms, it was as if I offered him my first born. He eagerly accepted my challenge, and we landed on the track. Connor shed his Crocs, and began his barefoot stride. I ran the first lap with him (he'd stop periodically, but always picked up running where he left off). After the first lap, he asked if I'd double the money if he ran another lap.

Sure, I replied. This time I watched from the starting line.

As I yelled encouragements at my racer son, I began to understand those crazy soccer moms and fervent hockey dads. Running is one of my passions, and to have a child show even the slightest bit of interest in the same activity was completely and utterly riveting.

I began to hear the Chariots of Fire theme song in my head.

Then, I experienced visions....

Connor, the high school running star,

Connor, the college running standout,

Connor, the gold medal Olympian (who dedicated his winning race to his mother).

As he neared the ending of his final lap, I pulled myself together. It was only two laps that he ran purely to become 50 cents richer.

But, there was a twinkle in my eye that wouldn't go away.

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