Friday, June 24, 2011

Peaceful Playdate

The boys helped decorate cookies.

The boys (Chris included) and the Hermacinski girls enjoying a movie.

Cara and her girls came over for a pizza and movie dinner date. We flipped on a movie for the kids, and then Cara and I retired to the kitchen. Over pizza and salads, we swapped vacation stories. (Ironically, we both visited Napa and San Francisco within days of each other.)

As our travel tales unraveled, I realized we'd talked for several hours (with only a break for dinner). What I began to notice was not so much the conversation, but the quiet....from our kids. All six of them snuggled on the couches enjoying the movie. Not once did I break up a fight or referee a disagreement. In the long history of Wood play dates I think this was a first!

I began to feel a little smug. Has my crew graduated to participating in successful play dates? Can I start to actually have adult conversation with my friends while they chum up with their pals?

Here's hoping.

For now, I'll cherish a peaceful evening with friends, big and little.

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