Monday, June 27, 2011

Selling Potty Training

The boys had a blast at the new Treasures of the Earth exhibit at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

A few blogs ago, I mentioned how motherhood involves sales, no better example than potty training.

For months, I've been pitching potty training to two-year-old Collin:

All your brothers use the potty.

Don't you want to be a big boy.

No more diapers.

After months of cajoling, I'm flabbergasted. I've heard plenty of stories from other moms about their youngest children. It seemed many a youngest children wanted to be like big brother/sister. They just slid right into the process without one tear shed or an iota of work.

So far, Collin isn't one of those children. He seems perfectly happy with diapers. I can see the wheels in his head turning, "Why would I change what seems to be working?"

Today, I broke out the big guns; I purchased superhero big boy underwear (in the super size pack). In addition, I acquired a bag of jelly beans I'm eagerly waiting to distribute. When I showed Collin my goods, he was beside himself with excitement. Could this be the trick?

Tomorrow, I'm delivering my pitch again.

Cross your fingers I'll make a sale soon.

Collin wanted to sleep with his big boy underwear tonight!

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