Monday, June 13, 2011

Selling Swim Lessons

Swim lessons have began for the three oldest boys. Lessons are held at Azionaqua, Zionsville's only pool. Azionaqua is a private pool, but far from being classified as a country club. It lacks any real competition, so operates under the assumption that it's patrons only really need water in the pool. In it's fifty plus years of operation, it's exterior has seen few updates. Extravagances like pool heaters (and showers that operate without the use of a pull rope) seem just silly to those in charge.

This morning, temperatures dipped into the 50s. I knew the pool would be frigid, and convincing the boys to participate in lessons would be a challenge. Right then, I thought about how much motherhood involves sales. (Practicing math will be so fun!) And, for those of us inexperienced salesmen, how challenging the pitch can be.

Me: Boys, I think swim lessons are going to be so fun!

Boys eyeing me with skepticism.

Me: I bet once you get in, it really won't feel that cold.

Three boys completely unconvinced.

Me: You'll be moving so fast, you'll probably get hot.

No one responds.

Me: Would a root beer with lunch be enough to convince you?

Three boys practically jumping in the pool.

I'm working on my delivery and pitch, but realizing they can be bought.

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