Saturday, June 25, 2011

Snow in June

Collin squeezes in some time with Chris before he leaves for work.

This morning the boys decided to do crafts while I got ready. As I primped, I wondered exactly what sort of crafts they were doing around the kitchen table. Had my check book been used for origami? Had our couch turned into a coloring book?

I held my breath as I descended down the stairs. The first thing I noticed was the kitchen floor; it was blanketed in little scraps and slivers of white paper. A decade ago, a scene like this would have rocked my world. But, with the addition of each boy, my obsession with cleanliness and order has diminished by necessity. Yet, like any hang-up, it's still a struggle.

I was seconds away from unloading on the boys, when I glanced at Caleb. He bore a broad smile, and seemed uncharacteristically cheery. He proudly held up sheets of white paper cut into intricate patterns.

"I know how to make snowflakes. I made some for you, " he beamed.

Rarely, has Caleb offered up any sort of gift to a loved one. He has so many amazing qualities, but empathy and compassion have never been his strong suit. I was touched, completely and utterly awed.

I instructed my eyes not to look at the cluttered floor, but instead focused on Caleb. I treated those snowflakes as if they were gold, and praised Caleb as if he just painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

I kept reminding myself: floors can be always be cleaned, moments like this need to be cherished.

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