Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Bucket List

The boys favorite exhibit!

A spectacular free indoor playground.

Collin had a ball!
Zaharakos Ice Cream parlor was a hit!

With a relaxed summer schedule and a twinge of wanderlust, the boys and I compiled a "summer bucket list." With the help of some on-line research, we assembled a list of locales we hoped to visit over the summer. We had a few stipulations for our list:

-cheap or (even better) free entertainment,
-somewhere one solo mom could feasibly take four boys (and not lose her mind), and
-within about an hour's drive from Indianapolis.

Today, we crossed off our first location; the boys and I visited Kidscommons, the Columbus, Indiana Children's Museum. The museum was petite, and lacking many of the flashy science exhibits found in its larger counterparts. But, the gigantic toilet bowl was worth the price of admission, at least for the boys. The boys erupted into giggles as they climbed into the commode, and traveled down the "pipes." Boys!

Across the street from the museum, we spotted a massive free indoor playground. In my opinion, the playground alone was worth the trip. The boys scaled a mammoth net "ship," then jumped, twirled, and slid their way around the perimeters.

Once the boys hit the point of exhaustion, we walked to Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor. The century old parlor dished out delicious ice cream treats, while providing a feast for the eyes with its early 1900 decor. A self playing organ piped out ragtime, and drowned out the squeals of children devouring yummy treats.

The boys arrived home with full bellies and good memories. They're looking forward to our next excursion...hopefully soon!

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