Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just read The Secret Life of Bees. One of the book characters makes a candlestick salad comprised of a pineapple slice, banana chunk, and maraschino cherry. As a lunch treat, I whipped the salads up for the boys. They all seemed impressed, except for Connor. He told me his friend's mom makes the same thing.

And, I thought it was so original!

Near bedtime tonight, I recalled how many times I asked the question, "Why?" to my boys. Here's a couple (just from today):

1) Why did you squirt spray butter directly into your mouth at breakfast? (Does anyone really want to use it after that?)

2) Why did you mix the chalk with water and then smear the cloudy, gooey mixture onto our car and mailbox?

3) Why did you turn everything into a "gun," especially any hanger you can get your hands on?

4) Why did you climb the mounds of paper towels at Costco (when my back was turned) so you sat about eight feet off the ground?

5) Why did you think clothes were optional when you ran out of the house?

6) Why did you think aiming somewhat near the toilet was as good as actually hitting it?

7) Why did you think calling your brother "Fluffer Nutter" would end well?

8) Why did you think the lost and found pile at the pool meant you could snag anything you could grab?

9) Why did you think to sign me up to receive multiple Pokemon emails?

10) Why did you think I would believe your foot "accidentally" touched your brother's face?

Obviously, it was quite a day.

Wonder what's in store for tomorrow?

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