Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to Normal

The first grade Vacation Bible School class.

Cooper snoozed on the floor after a long day at Vacation Bible School.

Caleb participating in his last All Comers race.

Connor sprinted in his race.

Cooper prepared for his race.

After almost a week without central air, the repairman arrived yesterday afternoon. He carried a duffel bag filled with gadgets and doodads. After a little fidgeting, cool air swirled around our house. Within minutes, I noticed the tiles cooled under my feet. Sweat beads stopped pouring down my back; comfort returned. You never know how wonderful something is until its gone, now do you?

As the cool air breezed in, so returned things I hold dear: routine, familiarity, and order. You see the last several days, I've shuffled the kids from one cool locale to another, avoiding our toasty abode as much as possible. With all this movement, nap times, logical bedtimes, and mommy time has diminished (even my morning runs...yikes!). For our family, and me in particular, days and days of this sort of schedule leaves us all a little batty.

Today, normalcy returned. After a busy morning at Vacation Bible School, we returned to the comforts of a cool home. Nap time/quiet time reemerged. With little ones accounted for, I felt that familiar tug, I should get something done. But for the sake of personal sanity, I knew the most important thing that needed to be accomplished.

So, I crept into my room and slid under the sheets. I laid my head on the pillow and savored a few moments of rest. I woke up ready to return to return to normal.

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