Friday, July 1, 2011

Caleb's Giant Steps

Squeezed in a super quick lunch with Sarah Corey and son. She is a wealth of information and provided me with many good tips on Caleb.

All five boys ready to watch Cars 2.

Cooper insisted on wearing his Cars t-shirt and bringing his cars to the movie. He said, "I'll be famous in this shirt."

For the last week, Caleb's emotional stability has hovered near the edge. I've referred to him as an unlit fuse that could easily ignite. Lately, he's told us, "I'm on the edge," or "I'm going to burst." To us, that's progress. He's beginning to realize when his emotions are sliding out of control and can verbalize a warning.

This evening, we took all four boys to see Cars 2. The whole bunch was mesmerized by Lightning McQueen and Mater's escapades. As we traveled home from the movie, Caleb began to unglue. By the time we arrived home, he was out of sorts.

Again, it was one of those evenings you question, "Why?" Wasn't it a blast to be at the movies? Didn't you have fun with your brothers? How and why did the evening turn so unpleasant?

We allowed him to chill out for a little while (both outside and inside). Then, Chris and I knelt by his bed. Chris clutched his hands. Caleb kept repeating "Go" as tears streamed down his face, while at the same time not recoiling his grasp on Chris's hand. I suppose these moments are the most frustrating, raw, and dear moments I have with my son. In my mind, I imagine he's wrestling with unknown (even to him) frustrations or anxieties. With all my heart, I want to remove his emotional obstacles and restore communication between us. This helpless feeling leaves me feeling crippled, unable to comfort my distressed son.

But tonight, I reminded myself he's telling us when angers approaching. He's taken a giant step forward, and we're hoping more steps are to follow.

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