Sunday, July 3, 2011


Chris, Mia Brinkruff and Collin.

Claudia and sweet baby Mia.

Audrey and Caleb. We have a picture that looks just like this when they were less than two years old. Love this picture!

Cooper scouting fireflies.

Audrey successful catches one.


Who knew those little luminous insects could captive the attention of my four electronic crazed boys? But as the sky grew dark, lights began to flash in the Brinkruffs' (our dear friends') yard.

Cooper exclaimed, "Fireflies!"

Claudia Brinkruff armed Cooper with a fancy firefly catcher (no mason jars for Cooper), and he ran into the night. As the news spread, five other little ones rushed for the outside, gallivanting among the trees and play equipment, in full pursuit.

At the end of their hunt, the group reported a successful capture of 56 fireflies (that were eventually released). Connor revealed the secret to catching fireflies: 1) act like you're not there, and 2) sneak up behind them. Good tips. He also admitted one firefly didn't make it, as a wing became detached. (Chris asked if he went to the light.)

As the hunt completed and we headed home, heat lightning flashed through the sky accompanied by early fireworks displays. The boys peered out of the car window and were awed by the combination of nature's finest and man's ingenuity.

As the boys crept into bed, I was thrilled that they experienced summer at its best.

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