Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Several days ago, I craved a change of scenery. I'd been bit by the wanderlust bug, and an out of town excursion seemed to be the only remedy.

But, after several days of family vacation, home regained its luster. When we returned home, I breezed through the doors, happy to be amid the familiar and the norm. Since then, we've spent much of our time basking in home life.

Today, I've watched the boys...

-turn a heap of blankets into a fort, shielding the "good guys" within the safe confines of the fort, while walling out the "bad guys" that so frequently haunt our house.

-transform a used gallon milk jug and a chunk of fruit into a fly catcher. (I persuaded them to place the fly catcher outside!)

-write "letters" to neighbor kids and have a ball placing them in their mailboxes. (Sorry Inmans!)

-play Uno a half dozen times, learning the art of losing and the gracefulness of wining.

At the end of the day, I began to savor the place I so desperately wanted to leave just days before. I'm thinking a good vacation had something to do with my change of heart.

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