Monday, July 11, 2011

If you can't stand the heat...

Connor and his friend Brock at Vacation Bible School.

The boys and the Hermacinski girls swapping Pokemon cards.

Today's temperatures soared to the 90s (and the heat index rose above 100), and we're still without air conditioning. It's the unbearable, sticky type of heat; the type that causes you to drip and wheeze within minutes.

As I've told others about our little problem, I've been regaled with many stories of individuals without central air. Both of my parents admitted growing up without air conditioning. My mom recalled sleeping on the porch during particularly toasty evenings. And, a church friend said, "Well, now you know how most of the world feels." Suddenly, I felt a tad bit sheepish about my lamenting.

So, we've spent the last several days seeking shelter in various cooler locales. At night, we've tossed and turned until the sunset. Then, nightfall has provided a brief cooler respite to our home.

This afternoon, my friend Cara finally said, "Why are you being a martyr?" Then, she insisted our family come over for dinner following by a sleepover. We took her up on the dinner. I'm not sure if I was more excited for the company or the air? Probably both. We had a wonderful couple of hours with great friends in a completely comfortable climate.

Tonight, we're SO grateful for the Hermacinskis that opened their cool home to our crew. But, we're also appreciative to the many other friends, family, and neighbors that checked on us and offered assistance.

We're hoping tomorrow brings our needed part and cooler temps.

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