Sunday, July 3, 2011

Growing Pains

Cooper and I made Fourth of July treats.

Our treats...yummy! (Found on the Family Fun website.)

Collin has requested big brother Connor read him his bed time stories. It's precious to watch the two together.

After last week's grocery store debacle, I vowed to everyone that would listen, "I'll never take four kids to the grocery store again." Even as I said the words, I realized the chances that would actually happen were slim to none. Sure enough, a week later, there I was at the grocery store with my posse of four boys.

Actually, today's trip went better. (It had to go up, right?) I designated jobs for each boy to do while at the store. Caleb, typically my trickiest one, manned the grocery list and crossed off items as they were tossed into the cart. Despite all my planning, maneuvering four boys and a cart around the grocery still had its complications.

As I darted through the aisles, many shoppers made comments. Along the way, I noticed two middle aged women smiling as they soaked in my scene. They both said, with a reminiscent look, "Someday, you'll miss this time."

I smirked, thinking how crazy it was for individuals strolling casually around the aisles to glance at my commotion in envy. But, I imagined they were right; one day the frenzy would be missed.

But, I'm thinking it will take a few years (or decades) to get to that point.


Maybe I can understand what those women were talking about just a little bit.

Here's what also happened today:

As I scurried around the house, cleaning up mess after mess, Collin stopped me. He uttered, "I'm grown up."

I stopped in my tracks and bent down to his little two-year-old face.

He said again, "I'm grown up. I'm a big boy. I'm almost three." He said it with such convictions and before my eyes even looked bigger.

Of course, I wanted to shout, "You're a baby. You're my baby. You'll always be the baby." Instead, I said, "You are such a big boy."

Then, I pulled him into a hug, and thought Please don't grow up too soon.

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