Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mommy Mission: Tackle the Clutter

The boys had a blast playing in the sand (and mud) at Coxhall Gardens.

I boldly traveled to where one mom has rarely gone before....the top of Connor's bunk. Of course, I've gazed at it from the ground. I'm well aware of Connor's propensity to heap every "prized possession" onto the confines of his twin mattress. I've watched him squeeze in between the bed railing and his gear, barely able to stretch out his legs. (I believe it's a testament to his exhaustion level that he actually sleeps in such conditions!)

I suppose I understand why he loads beloved items onto his bed. With three siblings, he's insuring the safety and well being of his stuff on the only ground he can truly claim as his own. But every once in awhile, the mass of clutter wears on me.

This afternoon, the older boys were out of the house. I crept up the bunk ladder, and peered upon the scene. Wow! Connor's bed was loaded with everything from Legos to dental floss. I hesitated, wondered if I owed my six year old any expectation of privacy. After some consideration, I decided it was my duty to save him from being on the next episode of Hoarders. Surely he'll understand.

I began weeding through his belongings, vowing to only rid him of the completely unnecessary. Items that were tossed included: feathers, rocks, broken toys, carnival tickets, dental get the drift. I also discovered several items of contraband: empty candy wrappers and crayons (a family no-no outside of the kitchen). I removed just enough items to ease my anxiety while still allowing Connor many, many beloved items

When Connor returned and gazed at his bed, I held my breath. He said.....


Mission accomplished.

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