Saturday, July 16, 2011

Peace be With You

Cooper squealed with delight as we whizzed through the car wash.

Chris is working tomorrow, so we went to church tonight as a family. The boys are still mastering the art of sitting quietly in a pew. So far, it's been a slow, painful process.

Towards the end of service, parishioners exchanged the sign of peace. Nearby worshipers extended a hand, locked eyes, and said, "Peace be with you."

The boys participated in the process too, but soon our bunch had erupted into giggles. Chris was disturbed and perplexed.

Later, they explained their behavior. Evidently, one boy believed parishioners were actually saying, "Pee be with you." Of course, he shared this information with his siblings. For young boys who become giddy at the hint of potty talk, this was enough to push them into hysterics.

As they were explaining their behavior, I suppressed my giggles. What boys!

Hopefully, we cleared up the confusion for next time.

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