Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shopping Among the Hand Me Downs

Last day of swim classes. Connor and Cooper proudly display their swim certificates along with their neighbor friends.

Connor and Collin share a pizza dinner with Brock Maxwell.

With back to school slowly approaching, I spent the afternoon inventorying the boys' fall attire. Our back to school shopping is largely done at home. We only need to descend the basement stairs to uncover mounds and mounds of clothes (hand me downs that is).

Fortunately, the boys still find hand me downs to be cool. They become absolutely giddy when they unearth the carefully labeled bins. With much anticipation, they hover over the bins, anxious to see what goodies lay beneath the surface.

Today, Collin even enjoyed the process. He trailed along beside me as I lugged the 3T bin from storage. As I lifted the lid, he gazed wide-eyed into the box. On the top of the bin, lay button down shirts, sweater vests, and khaki pants, all in pristine condition. The immaculate threads were merely worn for the length of a church service and then shed practically the minute little boys exited the sanctuary. Collin appeared clothes. Of course, they're in mint condition.

After Collin tossed the nicer garb aside, he unearthed the play clothes: superhero graphic tees, sports' team sweatshirts, and a load of sweats. These clothes were well-loved, thrice over. They bore the badges of little boys: paint and glue stains from preschool, juice stains from play dates, and mystery stains from who knows where.

Collin's eyes grew big as he eyed a Batman tee. He plucked the ratty charcoal tee from the box, and pulled it to his chest in a gesture that clearly indicated he would not easily be separated from his new beloved find.

I gazed at Collin, hoping to pry the tattered jersey from his hands. But, my Batman-crazed son was elated to have such a special shirt (even if he wasn't the first owner). I decided to shove vanity aside, and let Collin enjoy his new find.

I'm imagining this shirt is about to receive a lot more love.

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