Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer's Half Way Point

The boys and the Miller girls on the swing set.

Our summer is approximately half way over; five weeks to go until school resumes. I debated whether I wanted the next five weeks to whiz by or stretch out. I suppose it depends upon the day.

Today, we visited Erin (my friend since childhood) and her daughters at their home. The boys savored the hours we spent with the Millers. Of course, they loved playing with all the Miller's fun toys, but they really enjoyed their playmates. The kids frolicked outdoors, picking blackberries and exploring their yard. Then, they engaged in a lively indoor game of tag followed by an afternoon movie matinee in the basement. Six little ones cuddled on the couch, and insisted on a darkened "theater."

With content little ones, Erin and I swapped summer stories. I kept thinking we should go, but there seemed like so much more to say.

Today, I vote for summer to slow.

Wonder how I'll feel tomorrow?

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