Monday, July 18, 2011

Symphony Under the Stars and Such

Friends Cara and Ali posed with me in front of the stage.

Couple Pics.

First, the Maxwells.

Then, the Hermacinskis.

Finally, the Woods.

The symphony warming up.

The finale accompanied by fireworks.


Last night, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra performed a Symphony Under the Stars on the grounds of a nearby farm. Chris secured six tickets and dinner through his hospital. Our friends, the Hermacinskis and the Maxwells, accompanied us for the performance.

The evening was delightful thanks to the company of wonderful friends, amazing food, beautiful music, and peaceful pastoral grounds.

We have amazing memories of the night.


This summer, I've been trying to teach the kids the Ten Commandments. I found a version of the Ten Commandments written in a kid appropriate manner. (For example, adultery is explained using the term "special love.")

Today, the boys read Commandment #6. In the kids' Bible it read, "You may not hate other people; don't even think of hurting someone else in any way."

Caleb soaked in the words. Then, he said very matter of factually, "Well, that's not likely to happen in this family."

I giggled and responded, "Well, it's something to strive for."

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