Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Wolf Park and Columbian Zoo

Pictures from Lafayette, Indiana's Columbian Park Zoo.

The Wolf Park located in Battle Ground, Indiana.

As for the good parts of the day:

We crossed off destination #4 on our summer bucket list. Today, we visited the Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana and added a quick trip to Lafayette's Columbian Park Zoo. The boys were super excited to visit the Wolf Park (a rural wolf habitat that attempts to educate the public on wolves and similar creatures). While at the park, we listened to a wolf presentation and took the 1/2 mile hike to a bison/wolf show. Although Caleb scoffed at the hike, his mood lightened upon seeing the animals. Of course, the boys found the more voracious aspects of wildlife the most intriguing: bison deaths, deer kills, etc.

The Columbian Park Zoo is petite, but FREE. The boys enjoyed petting the farm animals and gazing at Bald Eagles and prairie dogs. Of course, I think they enjoyed wandering through the gift shop the best!

The boys gave high marks to today's activities, and we all arrived home happy.

Now, to the bad moment of the day:

I inadvertently placed Caleb's medicine on Collin's plate. Collin digested the pastel blue pill that resembles a smartie. Fortunately, Caleb notified me of my mistake. I suppose the digestion of one pill wouldn't have worried me much if my physician husband had not become hypervigilant. He immediately escorted him to the ER where Collin inhaled a cocktail of activated charcoal and chocolate milk (those doctors are geniuses!). Since then, Chris says he's fine, but Collin has slept or cuddled most of the day.

I've been plagued with mommy guilt. I wouldn't say I'm an anxiety ridden mother, but I've always worried about inadvertently injuring a child with an error or omission. I'm grateful today's error ended with minor consequences and for a husband so helpful in times of need.

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