Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bedtime for Collin

Collin accessorized his pajamas.

Collin's developed a new bedtime routine. Right after I place him in his bed, he'll insist that I kiss almost every one of his little body parts.

He'll say, "Kiss my toes."

I'll kiss his toes.

Then, he'll insist I say, "No trouble tonight toes."

I'll repeat his words, and he'll erupt in laughter as if I recited the funniest joke he's ever heard. Then, he'll request I kiss his hands, his head, and on and on. I'll follow each kiss with the same old phrase, "No trouble...." Laughter ensues.

Tonight, we went through it all, and he lay in his crib still giggling. He finally paused and said, "Turn on the dark now."

I flipped the light switch off, and blew him a kiss.

His laughter floated out into the hall as I closed the door.

Precious. Truly precious.

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