Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bluespring Caverns

The Wood boys and Schmidt kids all smiles before entering the cave.
Connor found a toad at the outskirts of the cave.

The kids make the steep descension into the cave.

Post cave boat ride, the kids get the sillies out.

Caleb, Connor and Andy Schmidt walking the sink hole trail.

Cooper hanging out in a tree after lunch time.

My friend Betsy and I were exchanging summer bucket lists. We decided to attend a final summer outing together: Bluesprings Caverns. We both loaded up our kiddos and headed down to Bedford, Indiana. Tucked under the rolling hills of southern Indiana rests the Bluesprings Caverns.

The caverns are only visited by boat, so we loaded up our little ones and hopped into a vessel. During the hour long boat ride, the kids had a ball spotting translucent cave creatures among the stalagmites and stalactites. At one point, they even touched the ceiling of the cave, letting their fingertips slide over the wet porous surface.

After we exited the cave, our crew hiked through two meadows to arrive at the largest sinkhole in Indiana. Truly amazing!

At the conclusion of our hike, we unpacked lunches and ate at the picnic area. The kids finished quickly, and frolicked around the open meadow as Betsy and I conversed. I've always placed Betsy on a pedestal; she's definitely my mommy guru. Every time we chat, I glean terrific mommy tips and advice, with today being no exception. Our conversation flowed between kids' activities to workout tips. As the conversation continued, we'd gaze out upon the meadow and watch the kids scaling trees and spotting bugs. Priceless!

After lunch, we finished up our day at Applacres, a Bedford, Indiana orchard. The kids snagged Apple Cherry Milkshakes (at 60 cents a piece...gotta love small towns!). As they sucked the last drop from the cup, I reflected on what sweet ending we'd had to a truly wonderful day!

Thanks Schmidts!

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