Sunday, August 21, 2011

True Grit

Cooper became the proud owner of a new bike today. His old Lightning McQueen bike was traded in for a cobalt blue, 16-inch, Viper bike. Cooper's new bike is just a smidgen too big (purchased with room to grow). As such, Cooper cannot plant both feet on the ground while resting his backside firmly on the seat. Translation: Cooper needs the assistance of a parent to start his ride down the sidewalk. (This fact has not sat well with independent minded Cooper!)

Chris attempted to help Cooper several times today. Chris held onto Cooper's handlebars and try to plop Cooper down on the seat. But, Cooper resisted and repeatedly declared, "I'll do it myself." After several attempts to assist, Chris collapsed onto a nearby bench, totally exasperated by his son's persistence.

Cooper spent most of the afternoon trying to jump on the bike BY HIMSELF. He would not give up. Defeat appeared not to be an option. Logical reasoning rested on deaf ears.

As I watched Cooper's efforts, I thought about how Cooper's personality was so strongly displayed with his efforts with the bike. Cooper exudes gumption and iron grit (teamed with complete and utter fearlessness). This combination could (and does) produce a mighty powerful personality.

I imagine individuals with similar personalities are the type that later engage in hobbies such as skydiving or parasailing. Then, these individuals recount their perilous exploits to their poor, nervous mothers. Said mothers listen, and then endure many a sleepless night and countless grey hairs.

But, I also imagine these are the strong-willed individuals that run marathons in record times. They build businesses and refuse to let a few "noes" get in the way of one major "yes." They change the world, relying on steel determination and loads of spunk.

At least I'm hoping.

For the moment, it provides comfort to one nervous, rapidly greying mother.

Spent part of the afternoon at the Zion Nature Center. Caleb was in heaven with the Indiana Lizard display.

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