Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waiting for Connor

Cooper decided to sell his Lego creations at the base of our driveway. He priced his masterpieces at $18. He was a wee bit disappointed in his lack of sales.

We told Caleb he had to pick a fall sport. Caleb selected fencing, offered at the Zionsville Boys and Girls Club. Tonight was his first lesson. Chris accompanied him and said he did well.

We have a beat-up rocking chair that's currently residing in purgatory (our garage) until it lands in its final resting place (the junkyard). The last two days, I've plucked it out of our garage and pulled it into the driveway facing the street. Then, I've sat Collin on my lap. We've gazed to the South, waiting for Connor's bus to arrive.

Today, Collin sat on my lap, clutching a snack. The temperatures were pleasant, and a slight breezed whipped around. We rocked and I sang, "The Wheels on the Bus." He was content, as we eagerly awaited seeing his brother. When the bus finally came into view, we both popped up and ran for Connor.

I kept thinking, someday Collin will be on that bus too.
How I'll miss these moments.

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