Monday, August 8, 2011

Eagle Creek Park

The Maxwell kids and my boys enjoy a picnic lunch at Eagle Creek Park.

Hunter Maxwell spots some interesting wildlife.

Being silly at our hike destination.

After our Eagle Creek excursion, Caleb needs a nap.

As I'm typing on the computer, thunder booms overhead. I'm surprised by the sound, as I've heard it so sparsely this summer. With the thunder, comes rain showers. Drops of rain pour liquid refreshment over our scorched lawn. Then, just as quickly as it starts, it stops again. My lawn still looks thirsty!

As much as I'm grateful for the evening rain, I'm glad showers didn't stop today's activities. The boys and I met the Maxwell family at Eagle Creek Park for a picnic and hike. The boys enjoyed touring the nature center and then lunching among the trees and swing sets.

After lunch, the kids took a little hike to an observation tour. Early on, the hike seemed destined for derailment with some (minor) injuries and one son needing a little encouragement. But, with an ice cream snack dangling over their heads, they gladly put one foot in front of the other on the dusty trail. When we reached the observation tower, they climbed up the wooden stairs. The eight kids gazed across the reservoir at all the natural beauty.

Ice cream cones followed at the brand new Zionsville McDonalds. The modern decor and multiple TV screens wowed the kids (and the adults).

The highlight of my day: catching up with my dear friend Ali. I always feel like she understands me, as we live practically identical lives (ER doc husbands, mom of four kids, mom of boys). I also walk away from a play date grateful to have her in my life.

As for tonight, let it rain....please.

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