Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of First Grade

Connor exiting the bus on his first day of first grade.

We all migrated to the end of the street. By the stop sign, a congregation of neighbor moms, dads, and anxious children huddled together waiting for the bus. The adults clutched cameras and tissues.

Moms photographed their children in different poses and combinations of kids. Dads gave farewell kisses. Both parents conveyed last minute instructions and advice to their kiddos.

Some parents looked somber. They gazed at their school age child with bewilderment. Their bleary eyes seemed to say, "Where did the time go?"

Others seemed downright giddy. After weeks of togetherness, they craved alone time. Their minds raced as to just how they could spend the next several hours...lunch dates, workouts, house cleaning, paying bills, tackling the laundry, and on and on.

I fell somewhere in between. Last night, I was a little bit sentimental. I pictured Connor as the adorable baby with strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes. I remembered how much he liked to be held, and how hard it was for me to get anything accomplished unless it was a task that could be completed while clutching a baby. When did he turn into a first grader?

But then the memories of the last few days flooded back. The boys have displayed, by words and deeds, a need to return to routine. And, after months of accumulated filth and unproductivity, I need to get a few things accomplished.

As the bus neared our stop, I planted a big kiss on Connor's cheek. I told him I loved him. Then, I watched him gleefully ascend the stairs to the bus.

He was happy, and I was happy for him.

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