Friday, August 26, 2011

The Great Outdoors

School may have begun, but summer fun is still going for the boys. The boys set up a mud slide this afternoon. They drenched our play set slide with a garden hose. Then, they used kick boards and flotation devices to whiz down the slide. They'd land with a huge thud in a mud puddle. Each time, I was sure they'd broken a tail bone or chipped a tooth, but they'd emerge amid giggles and grins. They'd race back to the top, eager to take another turn.

I suppose I should be grateful. In an age where so many kids obsess over electronics (I'm very familiar with one), I have several boys completely enthralled with the great outdoors. The minute they awake and plant a foot on the floor, the magnetic pull to the outside begins. They can barely scarf down breakfast quick enough before they're whizzing out the door, wondering what mother nature has in store for them today.

The problem is we have neighbors. Although, they love to hear our boys happy squeals, they don't like to awaken to them.
* And, we do have some family standards on modesty (romping around half-naked seems not to be an issue for said boys).

So, I was forced to set some outdoor rules:

1) Boys cannot run around outside until a normal hour (normal hour shall be defined by me).

2) Boys need to wear actual clothing to run around outside (ok, swimsuits are allowed too...and seem to be their uniform).

3) Boys must realize we have neighbors, and must keep their feelings into consideration when roaming around outdoors (volume and activity level kept in moderation).

Since then, the boys pace by the front door until the moment they're unleashed from the confines of our home. The minute they step foot outdoors, I allow a few inaugural, celebratory squeals. I can see it in their eyes, they're home.

A neighbor girl recounted a recent morning where she heard two big wheels racing down the sidewalk accompanied by the unmistakable squeals from my boys. The sounds interrupted her slumber, and for that she was none so pleased.

When I told Connor her comments, he said, "What does she expect? She lives by four boys."


A Cooper moment from the day: I found Cooper clutching scissors standing outdoors this afternoon. When I inquired about his actions, he informed me he was cutting down our trees.

Where to start?

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