Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Another Sunday

Collin and Cooper enjoyed some time at the splash park while Connor participated in football practice.

Connor's second football game of the season.

At the end, the parents formed a tunnel. The kids had a ball running through the hands.

Cooper had two soccer games this weekend.

Our pastor once said, "What good is going to church if you sin all the way to get there." How many Sundays can I relate to that statement? Certainly, the Sundays where I attempt to take all four boys to church alone the sinning runs rampant. This morning was no exception.

Chris was working this morning, so I readied my four boys to go to church
sans dad. It all started so pleasant, but as the morning progressed the myriad of hurdles multiplied. One son peed his pants. Two sons squabbled incessantly. One son expressed outrage at his church clothes selection. Two sons got into my makeup and had an utter ball applying eyeshadow on their hands and cheeks. One son refused to get out of the car in the church parking lot.

By the time I finally made it to the church entrance with four boys in tow, I felt like I deserved accolades. Wouldn't it be nice if a team of parishioners applauded when I walked in the door? Would it be too much to expect a crowd to chant my name and hoist me on their shoulders?

Nonetheless, I slipped into church without a hint of fanfare. I was completely exhausted and muttering under my breathe. I kept thinking, "Is it really worth it?"

Once the last son was tucked into class, I slipped into the sanctuary. A friendly parishioner gave me a smile. The music started. The energy level rose. The muttering stopped.

It was worth it.

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