Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last Summer Fun Family Activities

This morning Caleb slept in until 7:30. For Caleb, this is shocking (even record breaking!). The fact that he slept this late, testifies to the busyness of our last several days.

Chris took a few days off before the first day of school. We maximized the time when the six of us could be together by throwing in two fun activities.

Tuesday, we hit $2 Tuesday at the Indiana State Fair ($8 entrance admission for our whole family!). The boys had a blast petting livestock, learning farm techniques, and watching all of the sights at the State Fair.

Cooper works on his milking technique.

The closest Collin will get to driving a tractor for a couple of years.

Caleb looks for "fish."

The day after the fair, the six of us drove to Cincinnati to spend a day at King's Island. Caleb adored King's Island and his thrill seeking persona emerged. This year, his height surpassed most of the requirements for the super scary rides. He was thrilled and popped onto rides with menacing names like the Beast and the Vortex. I even accompanied him on the Surf Dog ride (which despite its name was quite scary, at least for me).

Connor finally hit the height requirement for many of the larger roller coasters, but he was gripped with anxiety and begrudgingly accompanied his brother on a couple of the scarier rides. After that, he opted for the tamer Planet Snoopy rides with his younger brothers.

Collin and Cooper desperately wanted to ride the bigger rides, but their shorter stature kept them at the Planet Snoopy area. They soon realized that those rides were pretty fun, even if they didn't go upside down or drop five stories.

The boys and I before we hit the rides.

Caleb and Collin share a ride.

Chris and Collin cuddle on the King's Island train.

Anyone surprised that Cooper jumped at the chance to be in a bumper car?

Collin and Cooper take a spin.

Caleb poses before our Surf Dog ride.

The three littlest ones enjoy a Planet Snoopy ride.

When we returned from King's Island, Connor and I went to his Back to School night. He eyed his desk, met some new classmates, and chatted with the teacher.

Back to reality.

School is days away.

Where did the summer go?

Connor and I went on a dinner date before the back-to-school night. He requested our date be held at McDonald's.

I was hoping we'd engage in some meaningful conversation, but a TV playing in the restaurant captured Connor's attention more than his mother.


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