Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Potty Party

The guest of honor at the potty party wearing proper party attire.

When Collin awoke this morning, I plucked him out of his crib and announced with much fanfare, "It's your party day."

Still bleary-eyed, he looked perplexed.

"Remember," I continued. "It's your potty party day."

He perked up and quickly fed off my enthusiasm.

We raced down the stairs, and I announced to his older brothers the special occasion. They nodded, and then the two older boys beelined off to school as quick as possible. With two brothers gone, the number of party guests landed at two (with me serving as hostess).

Older brother Cooper didn't remember his own party, and soon began to inquire about the goings-on of the potty party.

Cooper: Would there be cake?

Me: Well, no.

Cooper: Would there be balloons?

Me: Hadn't thought of that, so no.

Cooper: Would there be any sort of entertainment, say a clown or face painter?

Me: Yet again, no.

But, I promised Cooper we'd serve plenty of liquid refreshment, and potty talk would actually be encouraged at this party.

Cooper looked skeptical, and soon began to take over the position of party planner. He added balloons. He suggested activities. He brought out some snacks. But, he soon realized his visions of a successful party just weren't being met by this (in his mind) sub-par fiesta.

With a slight bit of attitude, Cooper decided to throw his own competing party in the next room. He selected favorite toys. He added balloons. He brought in really loud music. He seemed content, until he realized a great party really needs guests.

That's when he went on to Plan C: sabotage the competing party. He sneaked over to our party. He confiscated jelly beans. He demanded equal treatment as the party boy (same amount of liquid refreshments and jelly bean treats). He hijacked favorite toys. He caused a ruckus, and we eventually had to ask him to leave the party. Security (me) escorted him out.

After a significant amount of sulking, he returned to our soiree. He came to realize our party could be fun too, even if it wasn't on par with the average birthday party.

As for the party host (Collin), he exited the party mostly trained. (Hallelujah!)

As for the hostess (moi), I only had to mop up a few minor accidents (on tile) and only fish one hot wheels car out of the commode.

I'd call the party a success.

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