Friday, August 19, 2011

Preparing for Third Grade

What a bunch of animals!
The Hermacinski girls joined my boys for a lunch play date in the park. Had a great time catching up with Cara. I always walk away from a play date with Cara grateful that she's my friend.

Caleb gets familiar with his new third grade desk at Back to School night.

Tonight, Caleb and I strolled into his school, hand in hand. As we approached the entrance, I could sense Caleb stiffen. He clutched my hand a little tighter. He started to grumble. We wandered through the halls, searching for the third grade classrooms. He scowled and huffed.

When we finally made it to his classroom, I glanced at the class rooster. I noticed many familiar (and favorite) classmates landed in Caleb's class. Caleb perked up just a tad.

Then, we walked into his classroom. We found his desk, located in the back and directly near a full stack of books. Caleb's eyes darted among the titles etched on each book's spine. Nestled within the stacks, he eyed several books on Greek mythology and many more books on animals. He beamed. His eyes seemed to warm to the whole idea of school, his teacher, and third grade in general.

By the time we left the building, his spirits were lifted. Let's hope his enthusiasm continues until the start of school!

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