Thursday, August 18, 2011

Returning to Our Good Graces

Visited with Caleb's third grade teachers today. They're all seasoned teachers with experience working with kids like Caleb. They seemed enthusiastic about having him in their classrooms. I'm so grateful!

The boys met up with the Wanner kids for some bike riding. They seemed to enjoy making laps and having time with their friends.

Chris had Connor and Cooper out tonight. When they returned, steam was pouring out of Chris's ears. He began to mutter. I heard lots of talk about Connor, a rock and our mini van. I'll spare you the details, but you can just imagine the story.

Chris was livid and I could feel my blood pressure rise as the drama came tumbling out about "my son" (as Chris kept referring to him). Chris asked, "So what should we do?" At that moment, my mind jumped to the worst possible punishment. No TV until you're 20. No allowance until you drive. No dinner for a week. But, after we both simmered a bit, we jointly enacted an appropriate punishment for the crime.

During our fuming, Cooper began to console Connor. Cooper handed his most beloved stuffed animal to Connor. Then, Cooper told Connor all the gifts he would give him for his birthday (in December). Finally, Cooper came up to me and said, "Would it help if Connor cracked his head open?"

A little unsure of his question, I said, "Why would he crack his head open?"

Cooper went on, "When I cracked my head open and Daddy fixed it, I got cookies. Could Connor crack his head open and get something too?"

Despite my frustration, I couldn't help but smile. I said, "Please don't crack his head open. It won't help."

Cooper seemed skeptical, and a little too eager to help with his brother's injury.

A few minutes later, Connor came into our room. His expression was downcast and his mood somber. He looked us both in the eye and expressed regret for his actions. Then, he asked if he could pray for forgiveness. We gladly listened to his prayer.

At that moment, my anger vanished and the mood lightened. I told him we all make mistakes, it's how we fix them that really matters.

Tonight ended well thanks to Connor's perfect fix: a heartfelt apology.

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