Saturday, August 13, 2011

Show Me the Money

Tough decisions!

It was the day the boys eagerly anticipated for months: allowance spending day. At the beginning of the summer, we established an allowance system, with payment due upon the boys meeting daily expectations and household chores. I promised them at the end of the summer, they could take their accumulated money to the store and spend it.

Today, we counted up their piggy banks. I stuffed four ziploc bags with dollar bills and change, then four beaming boys jumped in the car bound for Target. At Target, they sprinted to the toy aisles. It felt a little Christmas, as the boys eagerly eyed aisle after aisle of coveted goodies.

It was interesting watching the boys spend money. Some (Caleb) easily parted with their accumulated loot. Others (Connor) struggled with releasing even a portion of their cash. Nonetheless, all four made wise selections, and appeared happy about their choices.

Then, four boys lugging their goods in one hand and a ziploc bag full of cash in the other up to the check out lane. The poor clerk patiently scanned each item and watched as we counted a slew of dimes, nickles, and pennies. (You can only imagine the looks I got from my fellow Target patrons.)

At the end, the boys walked out happy, and I'm hoping a slight bit more educated on money.

Our friend, Audrey Brinkruff, is a budding junior equestrian. Today, she invited our family to her horse barn to participate in the barn's fundraiser. Without hesitation, we accepted (minus Chris recovering from a post overnight ER shift).

Audrey's horse barn offered a slew of fun family activities. Connor enjoyed a horse ride. All the boys bounced in the bounce houses. Collin painted a horse with his bare hands.

At the end of the afternoon, both families enjoyed a hay ride. The driver took us along the country roads in Greenfield. We were surrounded by peaceful pastoral scenery: thriving cornfields and classic farm houses. Along the way, the driver pointed out an electrocuted raccoon stuck on a telephone wire. The boys found this morbid discovery quite interesting (and maybe even the highlight of their ride).

At the end of the afternoon, I reflected on the simplicity and delightfulness of rural living.

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