Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Brand new third-grader! Caleb poses before heading out to his first day of school.

With Caleb, you never really know how a day will unfold. Throw in something momentous, like a first day of school, and my mom anxiety level skyrockets. I brace myself for his responses. As I've mentioned before, change is hard for Caleb. Transitions are difficult. My Aspie son frequently greets new routines with lots of theatrics and obstinance.

To my surprise, this morning advanced with about as much fanfare as any other morning. Caleb pleasantly arrived at the breakfast table. He pulled on his school clothes rapidly. He collected his backpack and lunchbox without hesitation. He slipped in the carpool vehicle without a scene.

I waved as Caleb's left the driveway, and marveled at how truly wonderful the morning progressed. He started a new chapter of his life, and he handled the transition in stride. I walked back to the house beaming.

Wonderful baby steps.

I'm so grateful!


Cooper ran up to me this morning, bursting with excitement.

"Batman's real," he exclaimed. "He lives in a real live state...Gothman City. It's next to the Atlantis ocean."

I smiled and asked where he received such reliable information.

"From Connor. He told me all about it," Cooper replied.

Burst his bubble or let him continue to believe Gotham City is one of our 50 states (next to the Atlantis Ocean)?

What to do....

Today, I just let him believe.

We'll work on a geography lesson tomorrow.

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