Saturday, August 20, 2011

You know you're the fourth child when...

We spent some time with our friends, the Brinkruffs, today. During our visit, we discovered Collin asleep on the floor. Claudia laughed and said, "Isn't that such a fourth child thing." She then encouraged me to write a book about the tragic life of a fourth child.

Maybe not a book, but how about a blog post.

You know you're a fourth child when....

You can fall asleep anywhere at anytime (future doctor, perhaps?).

Your wardrobe is largely composed of "vintage" pieces handed down by your older siblings. (Does anything look familiar in the two picture above?)

You skip the fixation with Barney and Big Bird, and go straight into an obsession with superheros and Star Wars.

You get shipped off to Grandma and Grandpa's house while your older brothers get to do big boy fun.

You have plenty of siblings (frenemies?) to enjoy your leisure time with.

You spend most of your early years staring at a car seat.

You're confined to a stroller on pretty much every outing.

You get to eat the "good stuff" much earlier than your older siblings.

Your older brothers teach you plenty (all the really good words, phrases, and habits!).

You spend lots of time on the sidelines of sports fields, swimming pools, athletic bleachers, and school auditoriums "cheering" on your older siblings.

You stay up later than older brothers ever did (perhaps even gazing at Fourth of July fireworks at the tender age of two).

But, the fourth child holds a tender spot in the heart of his mother and father. Even though he tells us he's a big boy, he'll always be our baby.

Warning: Shameless Parental Bragging Ahead:

Connor participated in his first football game today and scored his first touch down! We were so proud! Here he enjoys the sweet taste of victory (a special snack from the coach's wife). It's amazing how nice his brothers were to him while he clutched his gooey treat.

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