Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boys being boys

Connor and Cooper spotted some neighbor boys tossing around a football. They ran over to the boys, eager to take part in the action. After a few minutes of football play, the game dissolved into a wrestling match of sorts right there on my neighbor's nicely manicured lawn. (Of course, Cooper was the smallest, fiercest, and most eager competitor.)

I sat and watched the action from our yard. One boy would pull another boy down, and then they'd roll around thrashing and kicking. Just when I'd imagine someone was hurt, they'd both emerge smiling and giggling, eager to start round two.

This went on for several minutes, before I told Chris I was going to retrieve the boys and make them apologize to their neighbor friends. Chris stopped me in my tracks. He said, "This is what boys do. They're just being boys. Let them do their thing. No one is getting hurt."

I heeded my husband's advice, and bit my tongue. I watched the activity from afar, astounded that they'd find this fun. I certainly don't have childhood memories of putting neighbor gal pals into headlocks and body slamming them onto our front yard. Girls just don't do that.

Later, I sought clarification from my husband. "Explain to me the entire male race. Why are boys sometimes such boys?" I asked.

Chris smiled and said, "Boys are just wired that way."

This was the detailed, biological explanation I received from my pediatric trained husband.

I'm still not sure I understand.

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