Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dinner Disorder

Connor getting a haircut from Dad.

Tonight's dinner was greeted with scowls and disappointment. I served fish (and not the sort that's formed into a stick) with tomato soup (that they quickly deduced was not the same as ketchup). The mood was gloomy and misbehavior ran rapid. I think the boys spent more time in the time out chair then their dining room chairs.

By the end of the meal, Chris and I looked worn. The boys looked peeved. As we were about ready to clear the plates, Cooper vomits all over the table and surroundings.

Chris and I just exchanged glances and then started to laugh (sorry Cooper). We didn't just giggle, but belly laughed until we almost cried. I think we were laughing because we couldn't imagine the evening could get any worse...and then it did.

I suppose sometimes you just have to laugh at the mayhem and commotion, or else..

you'll cry.

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