Sunday, September 11, 2011

Explaining September 11th

Connor sporting his Colts jersey for the game.

Caleb asked me the date this morning.

I responded, "September 11th."

He pondered it for awhile, and then asked, "Isn't that a holiday?"

"It's not a holiday," I replied.

He asked, "Then, what is it?"

I sat there and wondered how to respond. Obviously, he's heard the term September 11th. He seemed aware that something major happened upon that date; he just didn't know what. At 8 years old, I felt like he was old enough to know the significance of September 11th, but I didn't want to provide too much graphic information and spark fear in his heart. So, I decided to provide a minimal, basic response.

I responded, "Ten years ago, on September 11th, terrorist attacked our country. Two towers fell and it was very sad."

He digested my words in silence and never responded.

I didn't tell him about the 3,000 people that perished on that day. When he's a little older, he'll know.

I suppose children are the only ones that can truly live in a pre-September 11th world. They know bad guys exist, they just don't know how bad. To maintain that innocence, if just for awhile, seems like the suitable thing to do.

How I yearn to regain that innocence, especially on a day like today.

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