Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Fun

As the boys are growing older, their schedules are getting fuller. I've struggled with determining which activities are best for our family unit and each individual boy.

I solicited Chris's advice, and he responded, "They're so young. Leave time for our boys to be boys."

Good advice.

On a night like tonight, I'm glad they have time just to be boys.

Tonight, the boys collaborated with the neighbor kids to transport leaves from one yard into another yard (our yard, of course!). I watched as the children worked together and took such pride in each individual task. They gathered heaps of leaves into a bucket and then raced into our yard. Each child tossed handfuls of leaves into the quickly accumulating pile. Beaming, they'd race back to locate more multicolored foliage.

Once the children determined the pile had reached an adequate height, the entire slew of neighbor children had a ball plummeting into the leaves. They'd emerge leaf-covered and smiling, ready to do it again.

The afternoon was so simple and pleasant. It made me grateful for a schedule with pockets of nothing to fill with the delightful.

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