Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fencing Friends

All smiles after completing fencing class.

"He's nine and he's never had a friend," a mom declared tonight at our autism support group.

Another mom piped up, "My son is sixteen and never had a friend."

It soon became apparent that all of the moms in the group had similar problems/concerns with their spectrum children (including me).

As I listened to the conversation, I reflected back to tonight's fencing class. Caleb's finally reached the point where he will willingly attend class. Now, I'm working on making him a friend. Last week, I introduced him to two classmates. Tonight, I picked two more. We met Abby, a super sweet sixth grader. Then, there was Evan, quirky and loveable.

Caleb kept his distance from his new acquaintances, but I noticed they began to look out for him. One helped him select the correct Foil (fencing sword). Another, showed him the proper lunge position. Relationships may not have formed in a single class, but it's a start.

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