Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of MOPS

This morning, I walked into my first MOPs meeting of the year. I found my assigned table and plopped down next to two friendly looking gals. I scanned the table and zeroed in on the amount of swollen pregnant tummies and infant carriers. These moms were young with young kids. As introductions were made, it soon become apparent that I was the mom with the oldest (and most) far. (In fact, the mentor mom's children were close in age to mine!)

Finding me a bit of a novelty, the other moms began to pepper me with questions. Was life busy? Very. How do you do it? Still trying to figure it out. Are you driving all the time? That's an understatement. I soon began to feel like the senior sitting at the freshman lunch table. Would I be able to relate to these woman in a different season of motherhood, I wondered. Did all the seniors already graduate?

As the conversation flowed, our differences became less apparent and our commonalities grew stronger. It seemed many of us have a weakness for McDonald's Diet Cokes. And, several of us liked to dine at the same local restaurants.

Soon, we became less defined by our season of motherhood, but by the fact we were women and mothers seeking connection with other women and mothers.

I walked out of the meeting grateful to have made a table full of new friends.

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