Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun at the Fall Festival

I always get a little giddy about the weekend after Labor Day. Historically, that's when Zionsville's Fall Festival takes place. Today, the boys and I savored Fall Festival weekend.

This morning, we attended the Festival parade. We plopped down on a patch of cement and eagerly anticipated the show. It didn't disappoint. The boys adored watching all the bands, cheerleaders, floats, and fire trucks meander along Zionsville's brick main street. Their favorite part: corralling as much tossed candy, pencils and stickers as could be collected into their plastic bags. (Now I have four bags of candy calling to me from my pantry...grr!) My favorite part: seeing our babysitters, neighbors, and friends strolling along the parade route. A feeling of being plugged into our community reverberated through my being. Wonderful.

Later in the afternoon, I took the little boys to the carnival. They had a ball gazing at all the attractions, booths, and people. At the end of the day, Cooper begged me to jump on a trampoline/bungee cord contraption. I agreed, and he quickly snatched a place in line among a myriad of other eager children. When it became his turn, I warned the operator that his newest participant had absolutely no fear, preferred height, and lived for danger. He listened and then eyed my petite four year old with skepticism....until he made his first jump.

Cooper certainly didn't disappoint. He bounced with gusto. He even added some crowd-pleasing flips. He wore a huge grin, and let out giggles in between springs.

As we exited the Fall Festival, I grew a little sad. It always goes so fast!

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