Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Outdoorsman

Cooper imitating Daddy.

In just a few months, we'll be in the thick of winter. We'll be cocooned within our house, more than likely encircled by snow. Frigid temps will discourage outdoor play. The boys will spend hours engaging in more sedate activities, such as puzzles and blocks.

I'm worried how Cooper will handle this.

You see Cooper adores the outdoors. The minute he devours the last morsel of breakfast, he bursts through our front door. Still clad in pajamas, he hops on his bike and peddles along his allowed perimeter. As he rides along the sidewalk, he runs into various neighbors. He pets dogs being walked. He talks the ears off of my sweet neighbor, Michelle. He invites himself over to various neighbors' houses for play dates. They accept because Cooper fills his brazen invitation with charisma and spunk.

I'll call him back to the house periodically to brush his teeth or change his clothes. But as soon as he completes my request, he's perched back on his bike seat, racing down the sidewalk. He's happy and most at home.

What will Cooper do come winter?

Is he too young to learn to ski?

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  1. I dread winter for the same reasons!! I may need to borrow Cooper over a lot this winter!