Thursday, September 15, 2011

Protesting Homework

Cooper dangling from the swing set.

Caleb stormed through the door after school. He scanned the room and then declared, "Let's get it over with."

I knew exactly what it was. It is my (and Caleb's) new nemesis. It's the source of much frustration/disagreement/anguish/tears in our house. It wreaks havoc on my otherwise semi-peaceful home during the hour of 4-5p.m. It is...homework.

Homework has become Caleb's new hot button issue. He's become an activist, protesting the injustice of (in his mind) excessive and unnecessary homework. He's mostly taken to nonviolent (but vocal) protests. He's tried to rally supporters (his brothers). He's staged sit-ins (sitting at the kitchen table staring at the paper, refusing to move). He's even picketed the local establishment (refusing to eat dinner).

Despite his best efforts, we've stood firm. Homework is non-negotiable. Period.

Finally, Chris told him, "You better get use to homework. You have at least nine more years of it, plus any in college and after."

I don't know who was more upset by these words, Caleb or me?

Today, it appears Caleb may have succumbed to reality. Homework is here to stay. Best course of action: get it over with quick.

What will he protest next?

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