Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shades of Boys

Cooper had a blast sculpting his hair and then hamming it up for the camera.

My mother will soon celebrate a milestone birthday. She requested only one present from her family: the participation of her children and grandchildren in a family photo. How can you say no to the woman who gave you life?

Without hesitation, we agreed. Since then, I've spent the last few weeks hunting for family photo worthy attire. I easily snagged appropriate garb for Chris and I. The boys' wardrobe has not come as easy.

In the past, I've dressed all four boys alike. Four white button downs. Four sweater vests. Four khakis. Quick. Easy. Wonderful.

This year, I questioned whether the boys were past looking like a set of quadruplets. Shouldn't I embrace their individualism by selecting unique items for each and every one?

With that thought in mind, I scoured adolescent clothing racks. But without a lick of ingrained fashion sense, I felt lost and confused among the myriad of sweaters and shirts. Does argyle work with stripes? Checks with solids? Charcoals with navy? As my confusion mounted, I decided to phone a fashion savvy neighbor to solicit advice.

"Dress them in solids in different colors. In fact, select the colors that best match their personalities," she advised.

I found her advice to be golden, but started to chuckle about selecting colors to match their personalities. It got me to thinking....what colors match their personalities.

Here's my thoughts:

Caleb: Green

As my nature and reptile enthusiast, green is the perfect color hue for Caleb.

Connor: Blue

Shades of deep blue connotate loyalty. The phrase "true-blue friend" comes to mind. Connor is a true blue friend to many of his classmates and neighbors.

Cooper: Fire Engine Red

Cooper's fiery personality is best matched to a bold shade. He's electric crimson (an actual color): hard to miss, but beautiful all the same.

Collin: Powder Blue

Powder blue conjures up images of snuggling infant boys. I suppose I still (and maybe always will) see Collin as my little baby wrapped up in powder blue.

Hmmm....maybe we should just stick to white.

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