Friday, October 28, 2011

Back to School

Three grandparents attended Grandparent Day at Caleb's school. (My mom wasn't able to attend as my brother had already booked her for his own babysitting needs...bummer!) The proud grandparents beamed as Caleb performed on stage. Then, the group wandered around the school and engaged in such fun activities as making puzzles and answering trivia questions. Caleb seemed pleased that his grandparents spent the morning with him.

We're thankful for each grandparent taking the time to attend. For the Woods, it required time off work and a drive of two plus hours. My Dad also had a commute during morning rush hour traffic. We appreciate all their efforts!

Today, I served as Mystery Reader in Connor's class. I positioned myself in a rocker, clutching a picture book. A slew of first graders huddled around the chair, Connor among them. The book was silly, and I hammed up the nutty parts. My first grade audience exploded in giggles making me feel like the Jay Leno of the classroom.

When the last page was read, Connor's teacher opened up the class for questions..of me. I think the same question was asked about 20 times, "What do you like to do?" Fortunately, I came up with about 20 different answers, my favorite being: spending time with Connor. Upon hearing those words, he beamed.

After reading came lunch. I followed him into the school cafeteria. We plunked down our lunches at an empty table, and slid into our seats. Pretty soon, a team of first graders accompanied us.

The conversation was silly, and age appropriate. I was the most tickled about their discussion of "Say No to Drugs Week." Today, the students could support the cause by wearing caps. One little girl told me, "I can wear a Hello Kitty cap because kitties don't do drugs." I couldn't suppress my smile.

At the end of lunch, Connor was selected as clean up helper. With much enthusiasm, he snagged a wet sponge and doused the tables. I stood there speechless, and wondering why he didn't exhibit that same level of eagerness with household chores.

We said our farewells after lunch. Connor pulled me into a bear hug and planted a kiss on my cheek. I smiled, grateful for the memories.

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